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Out of place

Guy at Academy Sports tonight with long hair in a pony tail, shorts, and sandles. He was holding two boxes of 270 Win rifle ammo. He and his girlfriend were looking at pistols.

In Oklahoma, even our hippies are gun guys.


Will Washington’s Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

Good grief. Compared to these guys I’ve been downright optimistic about America’s future.

Obama is building an imperium of public debt and crushing taxes, contrary to George Washington’s wise farewell admonition: “cherish public credit … use it as sparingly as possible … avoiding likewise the accumulation of debt … bear in mind, that towards the payment of debts there must be Revenue, that to have Revenue there must be taxes; that no taxes can be devised, which are not … inconvenient and unpleasant … .”

Opinion polls suggest that in the November mid-term elections, voters will replace the present Democratic majority in Congress with opposition Republicans — but that will not necessarily stop Obama.

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Whew! CBS Promises to Add More Gay Characters to its Shows

I checked my DVR. CBS and all of the broadcast networks are doing a fantastic job. I record about 10 weekly shows for myself, my wife, and my kids. Not a single one of them is on CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox. One of them used to be on Fox, but they cancelled Futurama and now it is back on Comedy Central. Note to CBS: I don’t care about gay or straight characters. Make a decent show. You know, like the first season of The Unit, before someone very evil ruined it.

CBS will introduce more gay characters on its scripted programs in response to recently receiving a failing grade from GLAAD, CBS President Nina Tassler said Wednesday.

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Deputy confiscates woman’s cell phone

In most states it is legal (and should be legal every where) to record public officials conducting public business in public. However, some security guards and police officers get all “Respect my authoritha!” and will demand you stop recording them. If they take your camera, then you can be sure if you ever get it back then the video won’t be there. To keep this from happening, if you have a smartphone (like an Android or iPhone), then use an app the streams the video live to an external website. I use Qik.

When a deputy sheriff began questioning Melissa Greenfield’s boyfriend at a Delaware County truck stop, she began recording video with her cell phone.

She never thought that she, or her phone, could be viewed as a danger as she documented the activities of public employees in a public place.

However, a sheriff’s sergeant saw the situation differently after Greenfield announced that she was recording video “for legal purposes and our own safety.”

Sgt. Jonathan Burke wrote that he repeatedly ordered Greenfield to place the “unknown” object in her pocket and keep her hands free. When Greenfield refused, she was arrested and charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

After Greenfield got her phone back, she said, the video she took of the deputies at the Flying J truck stop at I-71 and Rt. 37 on July 9 had been deleted, along with a couple of vacation videos.

via Deputy confiscates woman’s cell phone | The Columbus Dispatch.

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Deepak Chopra Gets Owned.

I live in fear of saying something like this while teaching a class. Luckily my classes mostly involve hitting, stabbing, or shooting and not much rhetoric. What caught Chopra is that he didn’t state his argument truthfully. What he believes is that “All YOUR beliefs are cover ups for YOUR insecurity.” But saying that would alienate people, so he fell into the trap of trying to identify with the peons.

Students Aren’t Allowed To Touch Real Rocks

It’s like they are actually trying to breed zombies.

Michael Warring, president of American Educational Products in Fort Collins, Colo., had his shipment all ready: A school’s worth of small bags, each one filled with an igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Then the school canceled its order. Says Warring, “They apparently decided rocks could be harmful to children.”

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‘Deadly delay’: Police wait while mother, sons slain

You are the first responder. Be responsible for your own safety, security, and if necessary your own armed response.

The District police department policy on forcible entry caused a “deadly delay” as officers waited for a supervisor outside an apartment while a mother and her two young sons were being stabbed to death inside, according to a lawsuit filed by the woman’s family.

The policy that led to police taking nearly an hour to finally bust down the door and find the murdered family is at the center of a $60 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the officers involved.

via ‘Deadly delay’: Police wait while mother, sons slain | Washington Examiner.