On being a sheepdog

“World, be thankful it’s Monday and that you have the health and freedom to be doing what you do. Celebrated my grandmothers 71st bday yesterday in the nursing home where all she wanted was to be able to go home and cook for her family again.”

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In martial arts seminars we like to divide people up into sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves. The wolves are the predators, sheep the prey, and the sheepdogs (us) the only thing that stands in their way. I like thinking of myself as a sheepdog; a protector of those who can’t protect themselves. Occasionally though I will find myself talking derisively about the sheep. This usually happens when I seem some particularly clueless member of the heard and out loud or just in my head I say, “baaa, baaa”.

If you find yourself doing that too then I have one comment to make: If we live long enough we all turn into sheep. When our bodies and sometimes minds start to fail, even the sheepdogs, will be unable to fend and defend for ourselves. Then someone else will be taking care of us, our safety, and health. When that happens to me, I hope their are some sheep dogs who don’t mind taking up my burden and won’t fault me for not being able to do it myself.

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