This is a shot timer: and this is a Droid cell phone:

The difference between the two? About .5 tenths of a second. The Droid running a shot timer app records my draw to A zone hit from seven yards as 0.87 seconds. The Pocket Pro II shot timer says 1.37 seconds. Five tenths of a second doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in draw time it is huge. I think the problem is that the Droid app didn’t randomize the start time. Even though it wasn’t conscious, I must have anticipated the signal.

I feel pretty bad now because people I train with commented on my quick draw abilities. But the Pocket Pro is what we use for IPSC competitions and is what I would have used instead of the Droid except I had to order and wait for the Pocket Pro. So if I train with you, please accept my apologies for misinforming you, it was unintentional, but avoidable. All times from now on will be recorded by a reputable shot timer.

Sometime soon I will have to reshoot the Farnam drill since my last time with it was pre-Pocket Pro too. I don’t expect the time to change much, but you never know.

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