Range Report (aka Sweating it out)

For the first time in weeks the temperature outside was less than 100deg. Unlike President Obama, I don’t like it hot, so the inside temperature is usually around 72deg. Inside is great for doing kickboxing, Sayoc, and Krav Maga training. Little more difficult to do firearms training, at least with loaded firearms. A couple of times I’ve just decided to man up and take it, but those times involved me having to change shirts before I left the range. Other times I’ve gone to the range at about 7pm. It is still hot, but at least the sun is on its way to bed for the night and not burning the flesh off my skin.

But today that all changed. At 3pm it was 87deg! Woot. Loaded up the car and went to the range for a day of shooty goodness. Everybody knows this about Oklahoma: If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change. While true, that does not tell the whole story. In the summer it is usually unbearably hot. If the temperature says it is not unbearably hot, then you can assume 3 things:

  1. There is a storm on the way; and
  2. It will be muggy before the storm gets here; and
  3. It will be unbearably muggy after the storm passes.

Despite living in Oklahoma most of my life, I always seen to forget that rule. Anyway, it wasn’t really that bad before the storm got here. I sat in my car loading mags while it rained and blew my target stands down. However, rule 3 was in full effect and as soon as I got out of the car I started producing copious amounts of salt water. I did get some work done though.

I re-shot the Hackathorn Standards drill. I shot 202 last time and 208 this time. That is only a couple of shots slightly better than last time, but I am at least consistent. Consistently sucky, but consistent. So I’ve decided to practice the individual stages of the drill to try to get some improvement. I practiced the head shots from 5 yards stage today. 3 head shots, one on each target, in 3 seconds. If I did it in 3 seconds I invariably missed one shot, usually the first. If I slowed down and did it in 4 seconds I could get all three. I noticed that my first shot time was slower than I expected. I figured that out and wasn’t happy. So I set about working on my shot from draw time.

I moved on to carbine practice. Specifically I noticed in my little video that my mag changes had seriously deteriorated since I trained with John Farnam in November. I hope he doesn’t look at that video. If you don’t have one of the cool .22lr AR style rifles you should get one. I have the SW 15-22. The ergonomics are amazingly close to my M&P 15. I worked a shooting, moving, and mag change drill at least 10 times before I was happy with how I was handling the gun. That cost me about $5 in .22lr. That probably would have been about $30-$50 of .223. Once I was happy on the 15-22 I switched to the big boy rifle, did the drill about 3 times and was good.

Finally I worked on a fun little video project. If the video turns out decent, then I will post it here.

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