Phone Book != Cover

(for non-geeks, != is “not equal too”)

I remember an episode of “Burn Notice” where Weston put phone books into the door panels of a car he expected to get shot up in. The phone books were supposedly to increase the level of protection car doors don’t offer against a girl scout with a .22. I wondered if that would really work.

Not being a car guy, I wondered if there was really enough room in a door panel to put a phone book. I didn’t have a spare car door to shoot through, but being a geek I did have a computer case. If you take the guts out, there is definitely enough room in a tower computer case for a phone book. The computer would only run one app then; “Contacts”. I chose to just use the side panel though. I might want some computer bits held together some day.

I don’t have anything against lawyers; I just thought it was funny there were lawyers on the back of the phone book. I put them on the front of the “door” so they wouldn’t have to deal with the expansion (if any) of the hollow points.

I was shooting from about 10 yards. My shot group sucked. Here is a completely unrelated comment. When making a firearm video, it is best to concentrate on the shooting instead of thinking about what sort of background music you will use in the video.

The phone book didn’t survive the 9mm europellets I gave it. Heaven help you if the bad guys have rifles.

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