Meridian Police bust down wrong door looking for suspect

One minute Bruce and Elaine Reager were watching TV inside their duplex on Summerdawn Street, and the next, Meridian Police had broken it down.

Officers were searching for the suspect of a 911 domestic violence call, but admit they went to the wrong home.

via Meridian Police bust down wrong door looking for suspect | KTVB.COM | KTVB.COM | Boise, Idaho news.

This is one of my worst nightmares. I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t even know where to go to buy illegal drugs. I don’t sell them. I don’t beat my wife or kids (even when they deserve it). I pays my taxes. But I can reach a gun within my house in 5 seconds or less and usually a lot less. I would not believe that anyone bursting in my door would be the police. In this situation, someone would likely be dead all because the police made a mistake.

I can’t be simultaneously mad that the police wait sometimes an hour or more before entering the scene where an active shooter is believed to be and be mad that here when they thought women and children were being beaten.

A good solution if I lived in a smaller jurisdiction would be to be friends with the local police. But I live in the big city and have never seen the same cop in my neighborhood twice. At least then they would know me and my character and would be unlikely to burst in my door. If they did, I would know them and their voices and be unlikely to reach for my Glock.

My current solution to this problem is to pray for everyone’s sake that it never happens.

h/t War On Guns

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