Have a Plan

Last night I gave my students several combinations to do. Some were pro-active. If you know there is going to be a fight, you might as well hit first is the idea. Some drills were re-active. You find out you are in a fight when you notice the incoming blow. But even in those drills I gave them lots of choices. You could follow-up with a kick or a knee. Step to the left or right. Lots of choices. Which choice you make will depend on the tactical situation at the time.

I might end my combination with a back kick to the nuts because I am turning to run out the door and don’t want the BG to follow.  If he is between me and the door, maybe a knee would do the trick. But then do I want to step off to the right or the left? Which way is that door anyway?

How fast do fights happen? Once the fists, knives, or guns start firing everything happens at 200mph. You will not be able to make tactical decisions that fast. You are going to have to make those decisions before the fight starts if you expect to make them consciously at all.

It is said that you should be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Maybe you are not the killing sort, but you can still make plans. If there is a fire then how will you get out of the building? I’m at a party at a friend’s house, which room in this house is the most tornado proof? If this guy takes a swing at me with his right arm, what combination will I use to counter and strike? Will the finisher for that combo leave me headed toward an exit?

These, and others, are questions you need to ask before the big bad starts happening.

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