Police Officers Against Gun Control


Maybe because I live in Oklahoma, but I’ve never met a cop here who favored gun control. Every once in awhile some police chief (usually Tulsa or Oklahoma City) makes some stupid gun control remark, but the regular cops don’t seem to favor it.

There was a deputy sheriff taking classes at our karate school for a while. I usually try to watch what I say around cops at the school lest I get moved higher on ‘the list’ than I already am. Before the Obama election I was talking with some friends about stocking up on a couple thousand rounds of .223 just in case the dems got all wacky with the gun control like at the time we thought they would. I happen to notice that the deputy was within earshot and I said to him, “Hey, you didn’t hear any of that.” He just smiled and said, “I’m doing the same thing, brother.”

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