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I don’t think you understand – these people killed my dog.

Via SayUncle comes this Rob Allen chart with ways your dog can die. I don’t think the chart is scientifically based, but it sure seems accurate.


Where everyone is your nanny.

Please don’t watch the entire video, or at least don’t blame me for wasting 6 minutes of your life while they beat the horse to death.

The website is here. I can’t wait for this service to catch on because the one thing I want even more than several hundred thousand .gov bureaucrats acting as my nanny is to have legions of my fellow citizens texting their opinion of my “don’t tread on me” bumper sticker or telling me to put a helmet on while I ride my motorcycle. Bite me lady; you’re not hot enough to tell me what to do.

h/t Tony.

QOTD: Fight Hard

“Murder is easy. Dealing with someone coming at you just as hard, ain’t.” — Marc MacYoung

Cabbie’s Cell Cam Helps Nab L.I. Attack Suspects

Christian Cruz of Lynbrook and Steven Wilhemsen of East Rockway were arrested and are accused in an attack on a 30-year-old man trying to catch a cab to get home at the Valley Stream Long Island Rail Road station Tuesday night, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports.

via Cabbie’s Cell Cam Helps Nab L.I. Attack Suspects « CBS New York

The real headline should be, “Man beaten and hospitalized, at least 4 onlookers did absolutely nothing to help”.

2010 shows liberal contempt for voters

They think we are fools. They view our religion as superstition. They label our skepticism as ignorance and our patriotism as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and fattening.

2010 shows liberal contempt for voters « Don Surber.

That probably should have been the QOTD, but I already had one today, so I guess you get two.

Cops and Armed Citizens

Not exactly a great time for me to be heading for Washington State. But hey, I was cop! I got to take my gun to Seattle, carry it everywhere, and feel safe and secure. Great for me, but it got me thinking about all those young female murder victims; many of them close to my age. What if one of them had been armed? Could she have saved herself and ultimately, many others? And back in Illinois we had our own famous serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, still in the news. He killed 33 young men and boys before he was arrested. Hadn’t they deserved the legal right to able to try and protect themselves to the best of their ability?

via Cops and Armed Citizens – PoliceLink.

Good article from a retired cop. Via my friend Andy.

I am not worthy

Hell yeah:

QOTD: Lazy

“Progress doesn’t come from early risers — progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.” — Lazarus Long

All your voice mail are belong to us.

I am a paranoid freak who looks for bad guys out his front door, knows how to detect and loose a tail, and carries enough knives to make Machete do a double take. My home has video surveillance and motion detection outside and inside and I always carry a gun, even in my home.

Today I decided to let Google Voice take over managing my voice mail. Computer World says I should be afraid but I afraid I am not! For these reasons three. First, I don’t do anything remotely illegal or even secret, and if I did I would never involve my phone in it in any way. Second because this is how Google transcribed the voice mail my friend Tony just left:

The and Altamonte or bad as it used to listen and see. Please contact warning. Ohh. And.

The actual message he left me said this:

the penultimate orb has achieved ascendancy. Please contact Bornio. End

which brings me to the third reason I am not worried. I encrypt my e-mail when possible and almost all of my IM traffic is encrypted. I often use TOR to read Fox News. Since I don’t do anything illegal or secret why bother? I consider it one of my jobs in life to screw with the NSA and any other snoopy busy bodies there may be. I revel in the knowledge that some where computer cycles, hopefully .gov computer cycles, are being burned trying to figure out exactly how high the next to last orb is and how high the last orb will go. And just how many freakin’ orbs are there? CSI is feverishly trying to figure this out before Bornio does god knows what with the crucial orb height information.

My friends, like Tony, will delight in leaving me cryptic but otherwise meaningless messages for the .gov to trouble themselves over. Much like the text messages I already receive. I can’t wait.


My daughter still wears pull-ups at night. GeekWife went to the store yesterday to get groceries, but forgot the pull-ups. I have Amazon Prime, so one-click and pull-ups are on the way to us. They arrived today. Packed in bubble wrap. Pull-ups = disposable padded underwear. Packet in bubble wrap.

Please hold while my mind currently boggles…