You are in a fight

You are in a fight. Whether it was stupidity on your part or just plain bad luck, you are now in a physical fight with another human being. You are not making the 7:30 showing of Twilight: Eclipse. You will also probably not be meeting your friends for drinks, picking up your son from baseball practice or anything else you had planned for today.

Common first thoughts once someone grabs or hits you are “stop it”, “this isn’t happening”, “why is he doing that” or “why is this happening to me.” You might even say them out loud. Equally common are thoughts about the future. But plans you had for today need to be put aside and even given up altogether. You are in a fight. Until you are safe the life you planned simply doesn’t exist.

All day long you make assumptions about the world. You don’t reread the instructions on your coffee maker each morning; you just make coffee. The water heater doesn’t need an inspection before you shower. Why is it that if you sat in your friend’s car that you would probably be able to drive it? You make assumptions about how things work based on your experience. You are in a fight. He is really grabbing your arm. Yes, he is reaching toward something at his waist. Your assumptions about how your day is going to go are wrong.

The first thing you need to do in a crisis is realize that the model of the world you are using needs to be drastically altered or scrapped altogether. Realize that you are in a fight and act like it. Fight back, forget about the rest of the day you had planned, it is gone. Fight back!

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