I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions

I was detained last night by federal authorities at San Francisco International Airport for refusing to answer questions about why I had travelled outside the United States.

The end result is that, after waiting for about half an hour and refusing to answer further questions, I was released – because U.S. citizens who have produced proof of citizenship and a written customs declaration are not obligated to answer questions.

* * *

“Why were you in China?” asked the passport control officer, a woman with the appearance and disposition of a prison matron.

“None of your business,” I said.

via KNIFE TRICKS: I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions.

Stop reading my blog and go read this guy. Definitely read the follow up too. And then watch this video and learn how he did the right thing:

h/t Borepatch.

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