‘I got stabbed – and people just stared!’ Waitress’ bloody tale after West Side subway attack

“They were just staring,” said the 26-year-old waitress, who estimated there were around 20 people on the platform when she was attacked at 2:30 a.m.

“I said, ‘I just got stabbed! Call 911! Does anyone know what I should do?’ They just stared at me,” she recounted from her bed at St. Luke’s Hospital, where she was in stable condition with a stab wound to her left side.

via ‘I got stabbed – and people just stared!’ Waitress’ bloody tale after West Side subway attack.

Of course they just stared. What did you expect the other sheep to do? You didn’t know what to do, why should they be any different? I just can’t believe that in NY the police weren’t standing right there to confront the bad guy before he assaulted you. And with a knife no less. We should ban those just like we did guns because you might use one to defend..oh wait.. sorry, because bad people use them. Subway platforms have to go too.. bad people use them.

Ok, enough snarky comments. Here is what you should have done:

  1. Give him your damn purse; the hospital stay and time off from work will cost you a lot more than the $200 in tips; and
  2. Your purse is a great big target; go ahead and carry it; put your valuables like your ID, credit cards and money in a pant pocket; let them take your purse — nothing valuable is in it anyway; and
  3. Its stupid, but if you’re going to fight for your purse, then fight for it; throw your purse in his face then attack, attack, and attack some more; just maybe you will startle the sheep into helping you.

I am 6ft tall, male, and according to one of my training partners I have “huge biceps.” I’ve trained in martial arts for 5 years, undergone some pretty extreme knife training, and taken many handgun courses. If you know me personally it is likely you have never seen me without a gun and at least one knife on me. Still, if a mugger gets the drop on me and already has his weapon deployed then I will happily give up my wallet. There is about $40 in it which is a small price to pay to get on with my night. What isn’t in my wallet is my ID, credit cards, and any substantial amount of money. Those are in my pocket.

Typically the rule is, the more people around you, the less chance anyone will help. It is oxymoronic, but it is true.

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