Tea Party-Backed O’Donnell Upsets Castle in Delaware GOP Race

O’Donnell’s win stands as the latest sign of Tea Party strength but also the latest test of whether that movement helps or hinders the Republican Party, with an open seat and perhaps a GOP Senate majority at stake.

via FOXNews.com – Tea Party-Backed O’Donnell Upsets Castle in Delaware GOP Race.

“That movement” doesn’t give a rats ass about the Republican Party. We’ve been betrayed by the Republican Party so many times I feel like Elin Nordegren. What we care about is rolling back the .gov. Getting the .gov out of our businesses, our schools, our doctor’s offices and out of our freakin’ lives. If there are Republicans that support that then I will vote for them. Heck, I don’t live in Delaware and I sent O’Donnell some money. If the Republicans get in power and do for us what they did during the Bush years, well… I hope they don’t get too comfy in those seats.

UPDATE 2: I think Bugs Bunny would call these guys maroons. But I’ll go with morons. Why would you want people this clueless in charge?

UPDATE: From Tony this article from American Thinker:

Well let me clue these comfortable Beltway mavens in on something: many of us country-class peons out here in “non-government” land have had problems like O’Donnell’s because of the burden of supporting Washington, not to mention the rash of bureaucrats at every conceivable level of government. It is becoming damned near impossible to negotiate a life outside the Beltway without some problems. That’s exactly what the Tea Party movement and all of these elections are about. We are sick of it.

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