Caught On Tape: Sanford Dad Threatens Kids On Bus –

A central Florida man angry that his daughter had been the victims of school bullies turned bully himself, caught on surveillance cameras when he boarded a Seminole Countyschool bus and started screaming at the children to leave his kid alone. His rant bought him a trip to jail.

via Caught On Tape: Sanford Dad Threatens Kids On Bus –

My dad had a novel solution to the bullying problem. In elementary school my brother was getting bullied by some older middle school kids. My dad drove by where they were gathered one day and rolled down the window and showed them a $100 bill (this was the 1970s so that was serious money). He told them that if they didn’t stop bullying his son he was going to give the money to some high school kids and tell them to beat the bullies up. Apparently that worked.

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