Cook Co. sheriff’s officer sues Hanover Park

The incident took place Feb. 4 when Sandefur – a 21-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office – and a neighbor addressed the village board about a problem with ice buildup near their homes.

The suit says Hanover Park officers spotted the gun holster, accosted Sandefur and physically restrained him despite his immediate attempts to identify himself as a law enforcement officer and Trustee Lori Kaiser’s statement she knew him to be an officer.

Federal statute and the Cook County Sheriff’s Code allow officers to carry a concealed weapon while off-duty.

Outside the chambers, the suit states Village Manager Moser told Sandefur he couldn’t come back due to the disturbance he caused, and could instead return to the next meeting – without his gun. Moser said he would be arrested on charges of trespassing if he didn’t leave.

via Daily Herald | Cook Co. sheriff’s officer sues Hanover Park.

I feel bad anytime someone’s god given and constitutionally protected right to self-defense is infringed on. But some how it seems a little difficult to get incensed about an Illinois cop getting taken down by other cops for wearing a concealed handgun (that he didn’t conceal very well). Any normal citizen of that fair state would be arrested on felony gun charges. Because Illinois is one of the few states that has NO provision for the carrying of firearms by its subjects. Heck, even here in Oklahoma it is illegal for me to carry a gun where the city council meets. Sorry Deputy Sandefur, but its hard to feel sorry for you when the second class citizens would be in jail if they had done what you did.

Oh, you also need a new attorney, I have doubts about this one’s competence:

“This is a man who did nothing wrong,” attorney Ronald Bell said Thursday, a day after filing the federal suit. “But they ignored his rights all along and treated him like a criminal.”

A) If they treated him like a criminal he’d be in jail on felony gun charges. B) They didn’t ignore his rights:

Federal statute and the Cook County Sheriff’s Code allow officers to carry a concealed weapon while off-duty.

If the government grants it, it is not a right, at best it is a privilege. So unless you are going to join Alan Gura‘s law firm, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t argue his rights were violated.

h/t War On Guns

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