You need better tactics.

POMPANO BEACH — When an angry motorist came rushing up to the window of his pickup truck Wednesday, Cleveland Murdock had a gun and Florida law to back him.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Thursday their case is closed in the road rage incident that left Patrick Lavoie, 33, dead in the middle of a residential street. Murdock acted in self-defense by shooting in the heart the man who approached him, investigators determined.

Witnesses told investigators Lavoie jumped out of the Honda Civic his girlfriend was driving, upset that Murdock seemed to be tailgating the couple. Lavoie angrily charged toward Murdock’s Toyota Tacoma and tried to open the door to grab him, witnesses told police.

via Pompano road rage case that left Patrick Lavoie dead highlights Florida’s Stand Your Ground law – South Florida

I can’t say this guy was in the right or wrong. The news story does not have enough details. The prosecutor at the end of the article, William Cervone is just wrong when he says:

“The last person standing has the ability to say the magic words ‘I was in fear’ and walk away without a jury being able to decide.”

The jury can decide on any facts in the case, including whether or not the shooter was in fear for their lives such as in this case. If there is only the shooter and the dead guy and no witnesses it hardly matters, the shooter can claim anything he wants and who is to say it happened different. The stand-your-ground laws don’t change that. The law means that “I was in fear for my life” is just as valid a defense outside your home as it was inside your home. How does geography alter your right to defend yourself?

Here is your tactical tip of the day though:

When you are in your car it’s only real attribute is its ability to move; as cover it sucks. To take advantage of that one attribute you should make sure it can move. That means stopping short enough of the vehicle in front of you that if needed you could turn your wheel and go around them.  If that isn’t possible and no one is behind you, throw it in reverse and make some distance.

If you can’t do any of those things and you are in fear for your life, then I guess the bad guy has to die.

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