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So here we are with a President who seems to think that The Constitution says whatever he wants it to say on any given day.

via Elizabeth Warren And Consumer Protection in [Market-Ticker].

It’s not just the President, it is the entire liberal population of this country and it is based on their core thinking about the Constitution. They view the Constitution as a “living document” to be interpreted and reinterpreted as the times and needs of the country and population change. This sounds pretty good; after all who wants to be dictated too by a bunch of guys who lived 230 years ago and wore wigs for no apparent reason? However, taken to its logical conclusion, it means that this becomes true:

Or are we to the point where any act taken by a President is considered “perfectly ok” so long as he has a majority in the House and Senate?

And why stop at the Constitution? Why not reinterpret the laws on the books as needed? Who gets to do the reinterpreting anyway? Why stop at the President and Congress, how about your local DA? Some of those laws he enforces are a hundred years old, he should probably update the interpretation of some of those too.

The alternative view is that the Constitution and laws are composed of words, phrases, and ideas that had a specific meaning at the time they were voted on by the people or their representatives. It was those ideas that were enacted, not our re-envisioning of what they would have said today like an electorial George Lucas.

The problem with ‘original intent’ interpretations is that in the now time politicians don’t write the bills and certainly don’t read them. A bill that is 2,000 pages long hasn’t been fully read or understood by anybody. A professor could spend an entire semester at college teaching the contents of the health care bill and probably not make it through it. Maybe some college will offer a graduate degree in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Just not sure if it should be the college of business, medicine, or religion.

“…we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic. The implications of that should wake you in a cold sweat tonight.”

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