Suck it up

This weekend I got to watch my youngest son fail a karate belt test and do it in such spectacular fashion that he got his current belt taken away. All I got to tell him was, “That was a great belt test right up until you screwed it up.” I tried to say it more diplomatically. Now he’ll have to work hard just to get back to where he was. Then test again.

Not being a helicopter parent sucks. But, I’m not training my kids for an easy life. I’m training them to take a hard life and make it easy.

h/t Borepatch for the meme

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  • Jennifer  On September 27, 2010 at 12:08 am

    In my experience, I learn far more from failure than success. He will fight 10 times harder for it next time. Lucky for him, he got the opportunity to fail with little consequence.

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