It is now a about fourteen months since, after receiving my second death threat, I started carrying a firearm almost constantly. This experience has taught me a few truths, some merely amusing but others with larger implications.

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This is a good article on some of the issues of carrying a concealed firearm and a nice review of tactics too. I do most of these things and I haven’t done something to piss bad guys off who might want to kill me (that I know of).

The one thing I will say about professional hit teams and the like with scoped rifles, mercs blowing up your gas line with mercury switches and just about everything else you have seen in Hitman, The Mechanic, or The Professional; they don’t exist. Or at least must be so vanishingly small that they might as well not exist.

My evidence? Lots and lots of people walking around that lots of people, people with deep pockets, really want dead. I am a computer programmer from Oklahoma, and I would have had no problem tracking down Molly Norris before she changed her name. There is a pretty good chance I could do it now with a little time and money. She pissed off a huge number of very violent types, and yet Agent 47 didn’t put a bullet in her from a mile away while secreted in an abandoned clock tower.

The Israeli’s really wanted that Hamas guy, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, dead. So of course they sent a two man team in country to setup a high power rifle in a house 900yds from his front yard and capped him while he left for work one morning. No. Ok, they had some super hot, but Palestinian descended woman don a waitress outfit and secretly spike his coffee with a slow acting but fatal poison. No. Ok, maybe 11 guys went to Dubaiwaylaid him in his hotel room and had almost the entire hit and their identities revealed on hotel video cameras. These guys had money and time on their hands and what they managed to do was let an unprotected man walk from the elevators, down a deserted hallway, and into his room before they got around to whacking him. Thats it. Follow him back to his room. Open the door. Kill him. Catch a plane to Hong Kong 3 hours later.

Sure, maybe the Russians could poison you with a radio active isotope. But even the Brits, of James Bond, and MI5, fame call the case “Unprecedented.”

Death from a bad guy is very likely to be up close and personal. A guy who wants to rob or rape you. Or just some crazy guy who went off his rocker and you were in his path. All of which is well within your ability to react, counter, and get away if you have trained for it.

“Train hard, the day will come.”

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