Double shooting in Davenport, FL

Cintron-Rivera awoke to the sound of a window being broken, and saw a masked suspect coming through the window into the bedroom. A second suspect was coming in immediately behind the first.

As the suspects were crawling through, Cintron-Rivera woke her husband, who armed himself and walked toward the window. He observed the curtain being pushed open and fired his handgun, striking both suspects.

via Double shooting in Davenport.

Apparently they had a good 3-5sec plan. If firearms are part of your home defense plan (and they should be), then you should be able to acquire them in a very short amount of time. So you can handle two bad guys coming through the window, but does your plan include this:

Two additional teenage males, 15 and 17 years old, were behind the residence on the property, when the window was broken. They fled the scene when the first two were shot, and were apprehended after deputies received information regarding their whereabouts.

That’s four bad guys. Would this couple have been able to handle all four hand-to-hand? The article doesn’t say these goblins were armed, but they easily could have been. Does your home defense plan account for repelling 4 armed attackers? If you put two holes in each person that is 8 bullets assuming you don’t miss. Under stress you will miss. Under stress with the bad guys firing back you will miss even more (props to Mr. Oyola-Aponte for handling this the Green way and sending one bullet where four would normally be used, but there’s no extra paperwork for shooting someone twice). If your plan is to pick up your standard revolver you are already 2 shots down or dead even if you have one of the 8s.

I hear people say all the time that if they can’t handle the problem with 6 shots then it is too big a problem for them to handle. So I guess when you run dry you’re just going to lay down and die? F-That. I am bringing all the gun I can to the problem. My kids are in this house with me. Giving up simply isn’t an option.

Your home defense plan should include being able to arm yourself in 3 to 5 seconds. 5 seconds is a really long time. Try for 3 seconds. When you arm yourself it should be with something appropriate to the situation. Since you don’t know the situation, it should be a firearm you have trained with and that firearm should hold a lot of rounds. If I have no time to respond, I grab my Glock 17 off the nightstand and my wife would grab hers. Giving us both about 40 rounds to respond with in 3 seconds. If I think I have a couple extra seconds, I’ll grab my AR with two duplexed magazines. That gives us 80 rounds. We can be in that configuration in 5 seconds. Airplane pilots are fond of saying, “There is nothing more useless than fuel left at the airport.” In self-defense there is nothing more useless than bullets left on the nightstand.

It could be 1 unarmed teenager coming through the window or a gang of armed bad guys. All you have available is the gear near your bed and the training time you have racked up to that moment. Help will not arrive in time to save you. What is your 3 second plan?

h/t War On Guns

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