Woman who can probably kick your butt.

Police say it wasn’t until the attacker grabbed her headphones that the victim pulled out her own concealed knife to fight off the attacker.

Tulsa Police Officer and Relentless Training Concepts Martial Arts Instructor Brandon Bennett says the woman was aware what could happen.

“Obviously this woman was incredibly prepared after the incident because she was psychologically ready to deploy the weapon,” says Bennett.

via Jogger Attacked In West Tulsa – FOX23 News.

Way to fight back! Only in a state like Oklahoma would a police officer not only commend a women who fought back with a knife she obviously carried for that purpose, but also offer tips on how to fight more effectively. Officer Bennett you are a credit to your profession. There are places in this country where she would have been admonished to give the attacker what he wants, or just puke on him and see how that works out. Some places she might have been arrested for carrying the knife in the first place. And where Great Britain used to be she would have been arrested for defending herself.

I have trained with Guro Brandon before and he is fantastic. If you live in Tulsa and want to know how to protect yourself you should train with him at Relentless Training Concepts.

They don’t mention the name of the victim in the article, but if she happens across this blog entry: You rock. You fought back even deploying a weapon you had prepared in advance to use. You are my heroine.

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