An introvert orders pizza

I have this weird phone thing where basically I hate talking on it. It is a lot worse if I don’t know the person I am talking to. I generally make my wife talk to those people. In person its no problem. Teaching martial arts classes, I have to meet new people almost every day and it is never a problem. Texting and online ordering are a boon to my existence. GeekWife isn’t here and the kids need dinner. Pizza it is.

Mazzios: Online ordering system makes me enter my zip code and then gives me a list of streets to pick from. My street isn’t on it. When GeekWife is here we get deliveries from them all the time; she calls.

Dominos: Haven’t ordered from them since college, but the new ads say their pizza is good; I’ll give it a go. There is a Dominos about 2 miles from my house. Online ordering system says no, I would have to come pick it up. If I have to go pick it up, I bet I can do better than Dominos. Pretty sure if I call them they would deliver.

PapaJohns: Online ordering system knows my address and they will happily deliver to me, will that be cash, check, or charge?

Guess which one I picked.

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  • Jennifer  On September 27, 2010 at 12:04 am

    As further evidence of my extrovert nature, I was the voice of a local bank for at least 7 years. “You available balance is…” Me. Yeah.
    When I worked in the phone center of said bank things were interesting. I would answer the phone after they got through the various prompts that I had recorded and they wouldn’t talk. I’d finally get them to say some thing like, “Oh. I thought you were the recording.” I learned quickly not to say, “I am.” That shuts people up. I learned to say, “I get that a lot.”

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