EU Set a Secret Group to Save the Euro

BRUSSELS—Two months after Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of 2008, a small group of European leaders set up a secret task force—one so secret that they dubbed it “the group that doesn’t exist.”

Its mission: Devise a plan to head off a default by a country in the 16-nation euro zone.

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I keep hearing how our betters want to set things up so we are ruled by an elite who knows better than we do. The EU set up just such a shadow panel to answer the vexing question of a euro default and after a year of thought what was their answer:

When Greece ran into trouble a year later, the conclave, whose existence has never before been reported, had yet to agree on a strategy….the task force struggled to surmount broad disagreement over whether and how the euro zone should rescue one of its own. It never found the answer.

I would imagine their report said something like, “F*ck me if I know.”

The problem is this group of non-partisan, selfless bunch of smarties doesn’t exist:

Only when faced with calamity—the collapse of the euro zone—did leaders put aside their differences and reach a compromise….The two most important politicians deciding the fate of the euro often had conflicting agendas—and much at stake personally.

Everyone has an agenda. That’s why we don’t let the King rule us; what benefits the King might not be what is best for us.

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