Fistfight fatalities possible but rare, Oklahoma experts say |

It was a two-hit fight. Aaron Threlkeld reportedly hit Elzie Cain once in the face, and Cain’s head hit the floor.

“Yeah, I hit him. He swung at me first,” Threlkeld, 26, reportedly told police. Witnesses also told officers that after being struck in the nose, Cain fell backward and struck his head, according to a report filed by Little Rock, Ark., police.

Cain, 25, an Ardmore police officer and Oklahoma National Guard member, was in Arkansas for sniper training. He died at a Little Rock hospital the afternoon of Sept. 12.

via Fistfight fatalities possible but rare, Oklahoma experts say |

I always see this quizical look on new students faces when I tell them that the last thing I want to do is fight. I’ll run if I can. They don’t expect the instructor of a class specifically about how to fight back to tell them not to fight. But this is why. Fights are out of control. The space, the implements, and the results are all up to chance.

Learn to fight and teach your kids to fight. Then teach them how not to fight which is at least as important. I highly recommend The Little Black Book of Violence as a resource on the whys and hows of avoiding fighting.

If you have to defend yourself then by all means do so. But if you can get out of it without violence, then that is the smart way to go. Remember, smart people die later. It was just a fistfight over a woman but now Mr. Cain is dead and Mr. Threlkeld is facing jail time.

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