What they really think…

I’m glad they decided to just come right out with it. Stop being such pussies and trying to spin your dreams and desires. There is just one thing…

Of course you realize, this means war.

I know what your dreams and desires are and I will not submit. I will fight to my last breath with my vote or my arms. And let me tell you, do I have a lot of beans, bullets, and band aids stored up. I’m pretty sure, we have more than you do. Also, I’m currently raising up 2 boys and a girl. They are learning to fight, to shoot, and to think. They are learning how to spot liars, traitors, and self ordained elitists who want to rule their lessors. Congratulations 10:10, you’ve made the list.

When you get serious about wish fulfillment, please come to Oklahoma. We are waiting.

More info here.

Note: I’ve copied the video and will repost it somewhere else if the above link goes dead.

UPDATE: Borepatch has more including suggestions on what to do about it. But this quote brings the awesome:

The problem I have with this whole discussion is that it grants what is a monstrous totalitarian perspective a polite hearing rather than the sort of response it truly deserves. It strikes me to just dignify the proposition “the state should spay women and castrate men” with “wouldn’t it be better if we just find a way to reduce the fuel we burn?” is to in effect tolerate the intolerable. A far better response, and dare I say a more ethical one, would be “your policy will indeed reduce the world’s population because people like me will put a 10mm hole between the eyes of totalitarian scum like you.”

UPDATE 2: In honor of the kick-off of the eco-fascist 10:10 project, I am leaving my outside lights on every night this weekend. Burn, baby, burn.

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