In honor of the kickoff of the eco-fascist 10:10 project I’ve commited to keeping my outside lights on all night this weekend… even… gasp… when there is no one around to need light.

Why? Because they are colossal socialist weasels that think its funny to kill people who don’t agree with them. I think its funny to mock them, hence my lights being left on. So far only 104k lefty eco-facists have signed up on the 10:10 website. It wouldn’t take but a few dedicated Oklahomans to totally negate their 10% cut in carbon this year. So why am I only leaving my lights on this weekend? Because one thing I know about socialist weasels, like the 10:10 project, is that much like my parents, they want us to do what they say, not what they do. Out of 104k, I predict…. 10, thats right, 10 people might actually cut their carbon emissions 10%. The rest will talk a good game with their hippy friends and then still jump on a big ole jet to head to the beach for vacation.

Sony is a sponsor of the 10:10 project. If you’d like to share your support for the eco-fascists who think blowing up kids is funny, feel free to express your opinion here.

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