Don’t talk to the police, juvenile edition.

She expected Tyson, as Simmons was called, to bring her up to the courtroom where she was scheduled to be sentenced for filing a false police report.

Instead, the elevator descended to the basement. The 42-year-old counselor pulled down her pants and raped her with calm, practiced precision that made him all the more terrifying.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” Ashley said. “Everything.”

When he was done, Simmons pulled her pants back up and the elevator ascended to the courtroom. He raised an extended index finger to his lips in a mute command for her to say nothing.

via NY Daily News.

This is just horrible. They figure he had been raping girls for a decade; his first was a 13 year old girl. He plead guilty to raping Ashley and sexually assaulting 2 other girls and got probation. Oh, why is Ashley in jail for 12 months? What hideous crime did she commit? Sure must be worse than a decade of raping young girls in your care, right?

She kept silent as she was found to be a juvenile delinquent and sentenced to 12 months. She says her only crime was initially reporting to police she did not know who had jumped and cut her on the way to school.

So her only crime was not wanting to ID the other person (not named) in this story who victimized her! Do I need to say it any clearer? You should not talk to the police. Even if you are the victim, you shouldn’t talk to them. That’s what lawyers are for.

Oh what did Ashley do after her 12 month’s in jail? 24 months of course:

While pondering Simmons’ probation for the courthouse rape the day she got 12 months, Ashley notes that she actually served nearly three years.

She is not of the streets and that made her the target of kids who were. And, as the shock of the rape turned to anger, she often talked back to counselors.

I count that as 1 year for talking to the police and 2 years because she wouldn’t respect their authoritah after being raped by a counselor who was supposed to be looking out for her.

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