Democracy not Fascism

There used to be quite a few companies partnering with 1010, but after the eco-snuff film fiasco there is only O2 left. Sony and the others did the right thing by severing their ties with such an odious organization. There are still quite a few non-profits on the list; why is that? Because they don’t have to be concerned about what the public thinks. Businesses, much like politicians, have to worry about what the public thinks if they want to stay in business. Politicians have to court the public to get votes and business has to please customers to get their money.

What do non-profits have to do? Court George Soros and a few like minded elites with deep pockets. They can sponsor events, buy advertising, and lobby politicians with the support of very few people. It is how the Brady Campaign here in the U.S. continues to operate, even though they have almost no actual members supporting them.

It is the difference between democracy and fascism. The people rule themselves or the elites do it for them. It is the difference between citizens and subjects. Organizations like 1010 and liberal nannies in general want a world governed solely by them, your job is to do as your told.

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