Time shifting the wrong way

“I’m talking on a cell phone that’s more sophisticated than the guidance systems we have on some of our nuclear weapons,” the Republican senator said today during a telephone interview. “These things were built 30, 40, 50 years ago.”

via knoxnews.com.

I toured the USS Cheyenne shortly after it started its shakedown cruises in 1995 (or possibly 1996, my memory is fading). I was amazed at how antiquated the computers were (being a geek that is what I noticed) for a submarine that had just been built. Our tour guide explained that it takes about 10 years from congressional authorization to final completion to build a submarine. Once congress authorizes it and contracts agreed to everything is set in stone. So the sub was built from what was high tech almost 10 years before it was completed.

I didn’t get to see it again, but I was told that almost as soon as it was commissioned it would be put in for a refit to have all the old computers replaced with new stuff. Government is so very¬†efficient. I’m sure health care will work fine though.

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