We’re the Only Ones G.O.O.D. Enough

I think that many Americans will be surprised with the answer many serving officers gave when asked what they will do if TEOTWAWKI ever occurs: Almost to a person they respond they will go home and protect their families or G.O.O.D. As far as protecting anyone else? Forget it.

via The War on Gun.

I am not surprised a bit. What man wouldn’t take care of his family first? To think otherwise is to live in a fantasy land where you love your family more than others love theirs. You are on your own.

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  • Robert Slaughter  On October 6, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Many typical Americans might be surprised, but I think that would be a preferred and expected answer for the preparedness crowd. Not only is it sensible from the protect-your-family-first perspective, but by that happening the police-power of government is greatly reduced. Maybe there is something to that “Oath Keepers” thing after all.

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