Assistance Request: My Invitation To A Yoga Conference For Trauma Survivors

Yoga has been central in helping me with stress during deployments. I’ve spoken to and read articles by soldiers who have practiced yoga in the combat theater. Yoga and meditation can be keys for those with PTSD and other war related stress for veterans and their loved ones and can be transformative. I would like to see the day yoga is taught in Warrior Transition Units, at more bases, and introduced and taught by the very best teachers: certified yoga instructors who are also veterans. We can’t ignore the mental health needs, nor can we ignore the high suicide rates. This workshop is part of an integrated approach to mental health and wellness that I think is far past due. Their stories can’t wait for the NY Times to pick it up. They have to be shared over and over again.

via The Kitchen Dispatch

I sent Kanani a bit to help cover the costs of the trip. You should too.

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