An IM Earthquake

(09:19:52 AM) Tony: did you feel the earthquake?
(09:19:59 AM) trackerk: YES
(09:20:27 AM) trackerk: i thought i had dreamed it… i had just woke up…. but then my lampshade was moving back and forth and squeaking.
(09:20:36 AM) Tony: hehehe
(09:20:40 AM) Tony: our walls creaked
(09:20:46 AM) trackerk: never felt one before
(09:20:54 AM) Tony: that’s the 3rd one I’ve felt
(09:21:12 AM) trackerk: probably the climate disruption
(09:21:18 AM) Tony: lol – or voodoo
(09:24:43 AM) Tony: Christine O’Donnell just called me

Hey, I thought she wasn’t a witch? There’s only one way to know. Build a bridge out of her!

Seriously I don’t care if she is a witch or a lesbian or a man baby! If she’s for a limited federal government then I’m for her. I sent her some money and if you’re reading this blog (and not from Germany — sorry) then you should too.

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