Dear Democratic National Committee…

Seriously DNC, when you have Generation X, yellow dog Democrats like me hitting delete every time one of your (far too frequent) emails lands in my inbox, you’ve got a serious communications problem. Truly, truly I say unto you, y’all need some help in this area ASAP.

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I didn’t want to say anything because I am not their target market. But ever since I signed President Obama’s birthday card (that Michelle insisted I sign and then wasn’t even in the country to give to him; I assume there was an intern there to give him the traditional birthday present.) I have been inundated with e-mail from the President’s permanent campaign Organizing for America. These are the subject lines from the last few:

  • From: Barack Obama Subject: I want to meet Joe*
  • From: Barack Obama Subject: Did you see Michelle’s note?
  • From: Barack Obama Subject: 6 donations from Edmond
  • From: Barack Obama Subject: Today, it’s time to commit to vote

* Not my real first name

During August I got 8 messages from Barack Obama; it has slacked off a bit since then to only about 4 per month. I like how we are on a first name basis. He is sometimes “Barack” and sometimes “Barack Obama”. I am always “Joe.” Hey, I know everyone in this country is all laid back and stuff, but I call my best friend Mr. when I am speaking to him in a professional capacity. Even though I didn’t vote for him and will vote against him next chance I get, I would still address him as “Mr. President” or if I’m feeling snarky that day “Mr. Obama.” So what’s with the “Joe” stuff?

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