Hard Drive

I needed to decommission some hard drives today. We don’t throw them out or trust that the computer can wipe them. Hard drives we don’t need any more get destroyed the Oklahoma way. That’s right, shooty!

For every twitter follower I get I send a box of lead down range, and today’s shooty was brought to you by ShugNiggurath and MaddMedic. Here are your boxes guys, I guess you can have a twitter fight to see who gets the .223 and who gets the .22lr.


.223 on the left and .22lr on the right



Mini-14 in the hands of Hotdog


You can click here to see the entire album of pictures from today’s shoot, but this has to be the picture of the day. Hotdog was shooting his Mini-14 at the far targets. In the distance you can see a plastic bottle filled with ice disintegrate. I can’t believe I got that shot with a cell phone camera.

I wish I had had a video camera rolling when Coolwhip took his first turn with his scoped Ruger 10/22. He laid waste, at a rapid pace, to every target you see on the front line. Bottles, ice, and water were flying all over the place. Of course when I set everything back up and got out the video camera he got nervous and took forever missing a bunch of the bottles. But trust me, I wouldn’t want to be a rabbit sticking my head out of a hole with this kid around.


Western Digital meet Remington Analog


Dead hard drives tell no tales, so we moved on from plastic bottles so we could send the drives and their secrets to hades. Here they are in quiet repose before we shot them. In the photo gallery you can see more of the after photos. The drive on the right took .22lr fire and the one on the left took .223. After the kids took several whacks at them I didn’t think they had enough extra data ports, so I pumped a few more rounds into both with my AR-15. I don’t think these will fit back into the computers I took them out of now.

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