Doesn’t she shop at WalMart?

According to KOCO:

Officers said a [Midwest City, OK] woman woke up to find two men breaking into her home.

The Illinois State Police knows a thing or two about how to handle someone attacking you and have some recommended weapons for you to use:

  1. nail file
  2. rat tail comb
  3. teasing brush
  4. pens and pencils
  5. keys
  6. anything rigid

If none of those work they recommend throwing up on them. This poor Oklahoma woman apparently did not have any recommended weapons like a nail file or teasing brush. She had to make do with common household items, like a handgun:

The woman told police she was asleep with her two young children in the house when a loud noise woke her up. She thought it might have been an earthquake and called her husband at Tinker Air Force Base. After learning no earthquake had been reported, she heard another noise and went to investigate, armed with a handgun.

The woman told police she encountered two people attempting to steal a flat screen television from the living room. She fired several rounds.

One person collapsed immediately and the second opened the front door and ran from the house, [Police Chief Brandon] Clabes said.

One young man is dead, one is in the hospital, and a third is in jail. I hope this mother of two takes time to go to WalMart’s beauty section and properly arm herself against violent attack. Her husband might appreciate it if she fixed herself up a bit too since she lacks even a teasing brush.

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