Mexican Cartels Purchasing Grenades for $6.50

Eduardo Valiente Hernandez, commissioner of the Federal Police in Nuevo Leon, revealed that while Mexican military and federal forces continue to seize large amounts of weapons seizures, Mexican cartels are able to continuously replenish their losses in Central America for ridiculously small amounts of money.

“The problem is the ease with which weapons can be purchased, for example, a grenade can be purchased for $80 pesos in countries like Guatemala,” said Valiente Hernandez in his conference “Security and Crime in Nuevo León”.

“Eighty pesos per grenade!, And it’s is very easy to transport them.”

via Borderland Beat

But…but…but… I thought you could get them from U.S. gun shows? Well you can get the inert ones from there and that is almost as bad! I mean, you could buy them, for like $7 each, then find some loony to put gun powder in a fuse, pay that guy like $50 each for the work… maybe $3 shipping just to make an even $60 or…. you can buy them for less than the cost of a pizza (or a few Tacos) from Guatemala. And… wait… there’s more… “it’s very easy to transport them!”

h/t Snowflakes for the moonbattery.

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