Student, 20, Heads Police in Mexico Drug Corridor

There’s a new police chief in this violent borderland where drug gangs have killed public officials and terrified many citizens into fleeing: a 20-year-old woman who hasn’t yet finished her criminology degree.

via Borderland Beat

I hope this works out for her. Sounds like a really tough job. It must be, because she is replacing a guy who was gunned down and that was in 2009. No one has wanted the job in more than a year. I think she is making a mistake in not learning to use and carrying a gun herself. Bodyguards have been known to assassinate their employer, or be bought off and conveniently look the other way. Besides, everyone is ultimately responsible for their own safety.

I pray that she stays safe and can make a difference in her town.

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  • Six  On October 24, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Amen. That’s a poor commentary on the state of criminality down there but heck, maybe she’s exactly what they need. Someone outside the usual cast of suspects. She certainly should be too young to have made any ties with the more corrupt among them.

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