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According to this report from our local newsies, our two main universities, Oklahoma Sate University and Oklahoma University with more than 35,000 students each reported about 10 aggravated assaults over a three year period. It is astounding to me that with 70,000 young adults, routinely labeled as hard drinking, partying, and rowdy, there were only 20 aggravated assaults in 3 years. To me, that’s news. But the story here is about Langston University.

Langston University has around 4,000 students and 57 aggravated assaults over the same 3 year period. Angela Jones, VP of Langston Student Services, who obviously is kept in a nuclear powered SEP field says:

“Langston is as safe as OU or any other college in this state. What has happened here can, and does, happen on all college campuses.”

I am bad at math*, but I make it out that OU is actually 70x safer than Langston. I expect you could wear an OSU jersey around OU’s campus and still be at least 60x as safe.  After recent violence, Langston took these bold steps:

  • “Welcome shacks” to keep undesirables off campus; and
  • Lighting and video cameras; and
  • “emergency alert system allowing them to immediately warn students and staff of potential dangers via e-mail, cell phones and other means”

Unbelievably, an emergency alert system didn’t keep another shooting from happening October 14th. We go to Ms. Jones, deep in the heart of the Langston Information Ministry for her comments:

“We’re emphasizing that students are safe and the security measures are working,”

Campus Police Chief Michael Storr is the voice of reason here. He says the problems are a societal one, not a racial one (Langston is predominately a black university). So what is the societal problem he faces?

“This is a different generation of young people. When I was growing up, it was fist fights, and now, unfortunately we live in a society where young people have access to guns.”

Of course! It is the guns, not the people. Even though the problems at Langston are caused by, according to Chief Storr, “It’s visitors — friends or family members that come here and don’t respect this as a place of higher learning.” Why didn’t I see that it was the guns? Probably because I was fooled into thinking that there shouldn’t be guns in the first place. No university in Oklahoma allows anyone but their private security guards and law enforcement to carry guns on campus. Guns in students hands, and their friends and families hands are prohibited.

Perhaps the SEP field envelops the entire campus or maybe Chief Storr ain’t from around these parts. Because this is freakin’ Oklahoma. Tennessee may be the patron state of shootin’ stuff, but Oklahoma has to run in at least the top 5. Young people have always had access to guns here you nit.

Uh, just one question, Chief. If it is the guns, then why don’t Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University have these problems? They are set in the middle of Stillwater and Norman respectively; decently large towns on their own. Your university is in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. OU and OSU campuses are so porous for awhile I thought Eskimo Joes was where my Health Sciences class was held. Since OU itself has twice as many minority students as all of Langston University, I will give you that it isn’t a racial problem it is a societal one. Since guns are available everywhere though, maybe it is a different societal problem you should be looking at.

* UPDATE: By Tony’s math OU and OSU are 50x safer than Langston. I’d go with Tony’s math and go to OSU. Go Pokes!

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  • Jennifer  On October 24, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    And yet they claimed a certain convenience store was being racist for closing the night of their homecoming even though the previous year the very same store was vandalized and robbed blind. The local police advised the corporate office of said store to close because they didn’t have enough officers to deal with the expected crime and violence that particular night.
    But yeah, it’s the guns.

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