Democrats, the party of the middle class

Helped by loaning her campaign $1.1 million, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate takes slim lead in fundraising.


If I asked every relative I have to give me all they had from any liquid assets, I don’t think I could pool $1 million dollars.

According to this bio, Ms. Askins, has been a civil servant or elected politician all but 2 years of her adult life. Either she inherited some decent money, or that must have been some lucrative 2 years.

Democrats are the party of the poor and downtrodden all right. Bleh.

Her opponent, Mary Fallin, has been a politican for the last 20 years, but had a private sector job before that. I don’t think anyone should be in politics for 20 years, but the choices are what they are. I will be voting for Fallin because I think there is at least a slim chance (but better than Askins) she will work to decrease the size and intrusiveness of government. There is also a better chance that she will be good on gun rights and might sign off on open-carry*.

So I have a pick for Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin and Tom Coburn for Senate. I’ve sent them both some money. It was a little short of $1.1million, but hopefully it will help. Now to figure out who to vote for in 20 or so other offices.

* She says she’ll sign off on open-carry, but I give it only a “might”. Why? Because politicians are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling and that even goes for the ones I like. She could change her mind once she’s in office.

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