Ex-Stillwater officer pleads guilty to sex charges

A former Stillwater police officer has been sentenced to a year in the county jail after pleading guilty to sex charges involving a teenage girl.

via NewsOK.com.

I have to disagree with the victim’s mom on this one. She says the case “ended the way that it should have.” The police officer was sentenced to a year in jail and a 10-year suspended sentence. Here’s the problem, he was a school resource officer. He was put in the school to protect the students and instead he preyed on them. To me that merits quite a bit stiffer sentence. This is at least as atrocious as a father who abuses his daughter. Louis Morris should be doing more than a year.

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  • Six  On October 26, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    The sheep dog that turns on the flock, that savages those he is sworn to protect, must be permanently removed from the population so as to keep his evil isolated and the wolves at bay. Indeed, he is worse than the wolf who openly displays his fangs and hunger and doesn’t hide among the sheep, pretending to be what he is not.

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