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Still a mess

In an update to this post, it appears that a judge has issued an arrest warrant for Jevon Hughes. Not for the arson that put an innocent child in the hospital, but for the alleged kidnapping that happened a few days before.

The News 9 story has “gun” all over it. But the police didn’t find a gun when they confronted Hughes in the parking lot after the alleged kidnapping. The police did their catch and release thing with some drug charges instead.

So just to update: this story still a mess. Did he have a gun and if so how did a paraplegic man manage to dispose of it before the police got there? And if Hughes didn’t set the fire that put a baby in the hospital (the description gave the suspects height and said he “ran away” so it is unlikely to be Hughes), then just how unlucky does this family have to be?

Abducts women and children for housekeys?

Anyway, if you see this man rolling with his homies, then call the MWC police at (405) 739-1306. I have my doubts about him kidnapping anyone, but he is still a bad guy and still wanted. Hopefully the court can sort out this mess.


QOTD: Execution

“When you shoot someone who is fleeing, it’s not self-defense. It’s an execution.” — Stephen Carter

This quote comes from this article on the shooting deaths of 2 men by the resident of the house. The resident, Edmonds, claimed that the two were home invaders there to steal his medical marijuana and that he was defending himself. Edmonds version of the story was what the prosecutors went with. Renato, an accomplice who waited outside was charged with the deaths of his accomplices instead of Edmonds. That works because all the bad guys get charged with all the bad results in a crime.

The rub is that the two dead guys were shot in the back hence attorney Stephen Carter’s, quote about self-defense. According to news reports Renato was eventually acquitted of the murder charges, but the jury still thought they were there to rob the place and convicted him of that.

I bring all this up, because Stephen Carter is wrong, wrong, wrong. Bad guys who threaten you with lethal force have only these choices:

  1. They can surrender; lay down their arms and assume a submissive posture; or
  2. They can move to a spot where they can no longer be shot; or
  3. They can get shot.

What bad guys absolutely cannot be allowed to do is retreat, regroup, and rearm. Maybe those guys were fleeing the house and on their way to church, or maybe they were going outside to get Renato and his gat so he could join the fight. You never know with bad guys which is why once they present themselves as needing to be shot, you best get about that business.

Parents Melanie and Aaron Richman Attack Carjacker in Kansas City to Save Their Baby

They were standing just a few yards away, talking to family in the final hours of a long road trip, when a man jumped into their idling car at a Kansas City, Mo., gas station and sped off with their 6-month-old daughter strapped in the back seat.

via AOL News.

The parents run the car down, bust out the windows and proceed to beat the guy. Never give up, never surrender! Watch the video available at the link.

Cops say you should call them and not be a “hero”. I wonder how that would have worked out here?


Sorry for the lack of posting. This flu is really kicking my butt. I thought it was over a week ago, but it just came roaring back. I wonder if some sort of opportunistic cold jumped on me while the flu had me down. All I know is they aren’t fighting fair!

Will the next fiscal crisis start in Washington?

Sheila Bair of the Washington Post asks “Will the next fiscal crisis start in Washington?” I would retort, “Don’t they all?”

h/t Instapundit

Man in critical condition after robbery and shooting

Cale Bolene, 23, said he was in a car in a parking lot at 7145 Melrose Lane about 2 a.m. when he was approached by a man with a gun. The man robbed him and shot him, Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.


Parking lots, the most dangerous place decent people go. At 2am in a parking lot, no one should be allowed to get anywhere near you. All unknown contacts should be considered hostile until they prove otherwise, mostly by them leaving the area.

Godspeed Patrick Sirois

According to the OHP, Sirois was on his way to visit family in Wagoner. He was northbound when he saw a 2004 Ford pickup disabled in the southbound lanes. The OHP says Sirois stopped his vehicle, put on his reflective vest and crossed the median to help the driver, 28-year-old James Snowden, of McAlester.

The OHP says both men were standing near the truck when they realized that a 2004 Ford Taurus was going to collide with it. According to the OHP, Sirois pushed Snowden out of the way, then the Taurus hit the pickup which pinned Sirois against the guardrail.

Sirois was pronounced dead at the Eufaula hospital. Snowden was not hurt.


Apparently there are a few good men left in Texas if you know where to look. Godspeed Patrick Sirois.

QOTD: Death

“I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him.” — Revelation 6:8

Stealth Mode Off

Do you think this bag really needs a “Hidden Holster?” Would you not assume the guy carrying that has a whole bag of whup-ass?

Only if I get a happy ending

“Instead of making this Wednesday National Opt-Out Day in which a bunch of self-appointed guardians of liberty slow down the line for everyone by asking for pat-downs,” said Baker, “maybe what we need is a day when everyone who goes through the line says, ‘Thanks for what you do.’ ”


I think the TSA goons are getting really worried about Wednesday. Kind of makes me want to buy a cheap ticket somewhere just so I can go take part.

And by the way, Stewart Baker. Guardians of liberty are usually self-appointed, you tool. When the government does the appointing, guarding liberty hardly ever seems to be the intent.