Becoming a Certified Handgun Instructor

Here is what it takes to become an Oklahoma Certified Handgun Instructor and teach the SDA (Self-Defense Act) classes here:

  1. Attend a state certified instructor class, such as the Tom Givens class I recently attended;
  2. Mr. Givens must send CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) paperwork saying I passed the course;
  3. I must send an application to CLEET that they match up with what Mr. Givens sent them;
  4. 7 days or so (not too bad in .gov time) CLEET sends me a certificate;
  5. I fill out a new SDA application which is exactly the same as the one I filled out when I got my CCW except now I check the “Instructor” box;
  6. Take that to my local Sheriff along with photos and get my fingerprints done even though I gave them those already with my original SDA application;
  7. The Sheriff does a background check and then sends all that to the OSBI;
  8. The OSBI does a background check and then asks the FBI to do one too;
  9. I wait for the OSBI to approve my app and send me a new SDA license; this took 90 days the last time.

I had to get another SDA instructor to confirm this was the process for me because I could hardly believe it. But he says it gets worse than that. Unlike a regular SDA license that can be renewed every 5 or 10 years by mail, there is no provision to renew an SDA Instructor license. So every 5 years (no 10 year instructor licenses), I get to do steps 1-9 again.

Oh, and after all that, I still have to be disarmed when any of these places:

  1. Any structure, building, or office space which is owned or leased by a city, town, county, state, or federal governmental authority for the purpose of conducting business with the public;
  2. Any meeting of any city, town, county, state or federal officials, school board members, legislative members, or any other elected or appointed officials;
  3. Any prison, jail, detention facility or any facility used to process, hold, or house arrested persons, prisoners or persons alleged delinquent or adjudicated delinquent;
  4. Any elementary or secondary school, or technology center school property;
  5. Any sports arena during a professional sporting event;
  6. Any place where pari-mutuel wagering is authorized by law; and
  7. Any other place specifically prohibited by law.

because I am less trustworthy than every single police officer in this state.

Constitutional carry can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

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