Someone once asked me what I would teach people who wanted to learn to protect themselves and I only had 6 weeks to do it in. My class idea would cover some small bit of unarmed fighting and a whole bunch of knife and gun work. After I explained it to him he said, “Ok, so you want to teach a ‘Killing Mother Fuckers” class. And thus the ‘KMF’ title was born for any training we felt was for the serious martial artist. Not for those who want to get in shape by punching pads, or technique whores who just want to learn the next cool move. But training for those who are serious about protecting themselves and understand that would probably mean killing someone to do it.

The Tom Givens/Southnarc Combined Skills class is a KMF class. It is two days of non-stop shooting, unarmed and armed fighting against resisting opponents. Tom will bring your shooting up several levels from distances of 3 yards to 15yards. I can shoot faster than I thought I could and deliver multiple accurate hits to vital targets.  Southnarc starts with MUCing (Managing Unknown Contacts) and moves up from there to dealing with incoming blows, tying up to control the bad guy. Once there you move to the back, break contact, and access your firearm. We also covered weapon retention issues. Tom’s part of the training is more mentally demanding than anything else. There is way more to busting some caps than just jerking on the trigger. The Southnarc part, particularly the second day, is very physically demanding. Just like the reviews said, I will be sucking down the ibuprofen tomorrow.

I have some really great instructors and have earned a black belt under one of them. But since I am a good guy and avoid like the plague any places that are notoriously dangerous, how do I “know” that my tactics and skills work? That was the best part of this class. For the most part, at least in this 8 hour format, I only learned a few new techniques and tactics. Most were things I had already been taught or refinements.

So what was the benefit? First, most of the people in the class were tough fighters who were highly motivated to win. These people were all there to learn about KMF and understand that the fight could be the last one they are ever in. We were much harder on each other than you can be day-to-day at a karate school. People just won’t come back if you beat the crap out of them every night. Secondly, Southnarc is a police officer and before that in the military. He did undercover narcotics work in Memphis and had many violent encounters. He was teaching us stuff he personally has field experience using. They are techniques and tactics I have learned over the past 5 years while training at Premier Martial Arts under Jason Epps. I drove 1/2 way across the country and it cost me a bunch of money. As a gut check on my skills and tactics it was totally worth it.

You can see my earlier post for how I did on Tom’s exam. In this video (warning, strong language, but you are reading a post about KMF, so live with it), I am the good guy during the final exam for the Southnarc portion of the class.  The bad guy comes in and I try to get him to stop with verbal commands. I am constantly trying to circle him; you can’t move backwards because you don’t know what is behind you. The parameters of the drill are set so that I cannot initiate violence or otherwise I would have been beating the crap out of him long before he throws the first punch. It was getting dark so the video isn’t crystal clear, but it gives it that edgy “street” feel :-).

Some of my students are bound to ask why I didn’t shout, “Get down! Get down” at the guy once I drew my gun, which is what we teach during Krav class. It wasn’t my fault. The parameters of the drill called for me to draw and fire.

After an arm drag, I drew and fired four good shots to the chest. There is no extra paperwork for shooting the bad guy more than once. Shoot them until they fall. KMF baby.

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  • spike  On November 8, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    That’s MY warrior. You go boy! KMF


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