Rule 3

A policeman guarding Mr Obama’s Mumbai hotel set off a major security alert after accidentally shooting himself in the leg last night.

The gunshot sparked chaos as Secret Service agents rushed to protect the U.S. president.

An alert was sounded as Mr Obama, his wife and daughters were preparing for a private dinner inside the hotel.

The injured officer, Suhas Chowdhury, 49 – a 20-year veteran of the Mumbai police – had been guarding the perimeter of the hotel when his gun went off at the end of his shift.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he said: ‘I was changing my uniform when my revolver got stuck in my trousers and misfired a round.

‘The bullet brushed my left thigh, luckily it didn’t cause any major injury.’ An investigation has been launched.

via Mail Online.

The investigation is over. I can use my CSI powers to tell you exactly what happened. A revolver has a very heavy trigger pull. A revolver stuck in your pants won’t just “misfire a round” by itself. I think I can say with some certainty that grabbing the grip of the gun and tugging on it won’t fire a round since that would be working against the trigger’s direction of travel.

So here is what happened… Instead of a proper holster where it should have been, the revolver is either in his pocket or more likely stuffed gangster style down the front of his pants. When he went to get it out the hammer probably got stuck on the inside of the pocket or his shirt. He decided to give it a good yank and grabbed all of the grip he could. Being apparently poorly trained that included his index finger which then pulled the trigger during the yank.

This guy shot himself in the leg. His trousers didn’t do it. The gun didn’t “misfire.” The gun did just what it is supposed to do: if you pull the trigger the gun fires.

Rule 3: Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you are on target.

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