KMF Class = Ouchie

I had to wait to post this until I got home as I did not want my wife to freak about the huge abrasion to my forehead. Lip is a little busted open and I see in the picture just a small scrape on my knuckle. I got the thing on my forehead started from a drill called “Mountain Goat” which I hope to not repeat ever again. It got made a lot worse by the force on force drill we did at the end. My neck and shoulders hurt too. My collar-bone hurts just pressing on the skin lightly. I don’t remember taking any blows there, but who knows.

In my excited KMF post I said:

People just won’t come back if you beat the crap out of them every night.

Just to be clear, that goes for me too. I’d like to find 2 or 3 times a year to get really banged up trying out my ninja skillz to see what is really working. No one can do that every day and expect to still function. Train hard, but train smart. If you come out of training with a serious injury how effective will you be until it heals (if it heals)?

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