Risk averse

Having just been shot three times, Adam Fisher lay on the ground, bleeding from his arm, his face and both legs. His friends had called 911 and waited for Aurora Fire paramedics to arrive. But they would not come because they hadn’t heard the words “scene safe.”

via 9NEWS.com.

The fire fighters never did come, because department policy required them to stay back until they heard the exact words “scene safe.” The cops tried twice to get the paramedic fire fighters to come save this guy, but they wouldn’t budge. The cops eventually transported him to an ambulance a mile away themselves.

It is the norm to reflexively call police and firefighters “heroes.” But heroes will do what it takes, even at the risk of their own lives, to save someone else (e.g. Salvatore Giunta). Self-sacrifice is practically the definition of heroism. Some guys are just working a job and it is best if you remember that and plan accordingly.

The article quotes Denver Fire spokesman Phil Champagne:

“We want police to secure the scene first because we can’t defend ourselves. But if someone has fatal injuries, we will ignore the policy and go in. We have plenty of [heroes] who will break protocol in that case and just go in.”

I rewrote it a bit for Mr. Champagne.

Remember: You are on your own.

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