Jury Awards Utah Family $6 Million In Girl’s Death

SALT LAKE CITY — A federal jury has ordered an Oklahoma company to pay a $6.1 million to the family of a 2-year-old girl who died from burn injuries following a gas can explosion and fire in 2005.

The settlement for the pain and suffering experienced by Hailey Parish’s family followed a 10-day trial in Utah’s U.S. District Court, the Deseret News reports.

But jurors on Thursday said gas can-maker Blitz USA was only 70 percent responsible for the explosion and held Parish’s father, David Calder, also responsible.

The family was in a Uintah County trailer in December 2005 when Calder tried to add gasoline to a wood-burning stove fire. The flames crept into the gas can, causing the explosion.

Jurors said the can should have had a flame arrester.

via News9.com.

Sad for the girl, but the father was 100% responsible. It always amazes me that people think we can save someone from stupidity. In general, we try to keep the flammable liquids away from fire. That is why there are all those “No Smoking” signs at gas stations.

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