The Walking Dead

The good thing about being a death’s door with the flu is that I have gotten a lot of couch time in. Last night I got caught up on The Walking Dead show on AMC. The bad thing is that I could only spot one egregious gun issue that some on set “expert” should have caught. The worse thing is that 10 minutes later the main character explained to the woman with the Double Action pistol that it won’t work with the decocking lever engaged. So the only thing I spot is one they put in there on purpose. It’s the fever. If this were a computer movie I would have done better.

Shows require you to suspend disbelief. I’m Ok with that. But in this reality apparently there is no “zombie movie” genre. Seriously, no one in the 3 hours of the show I have watched even says the word “zombie.” The zombies are called “Walkers”. Really? The first thing any of us in the real word would have said when we saw one of these guys is, “OMG, it’s a f-ing zombie!” Especially with Zombieland just coming out, I think they should have just gone with it ala Scream.

The show was really good though. My wife made me watch all three episodes back to back (God I love that woman). I was hoping they would explain why the leading man carries a revolver. Ok, maybe in the backwoods of Georgia a revolver will get you by. But after you recognize you are in the ZOMBIE WALKER APOCALYPSE why wouldn’t you opt for something with a higher round count? And seriously, you should be carrying an AR out of that sheriff’s station slung in ready to use condition; not a big bag-o-guns that you drop at the first sign of trouble.

Those are trivial complaints though. It is a good show. I will add it to the DVR.

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  • Jennifer  On November 18, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Personally, I’m loving it. Yeah, there’s some stuff that is annoying. Overall, I love it.
    Although, I am a big fan of revolvers. So take that as you will. My first gun was a 627 Performance Center after all.

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