For every twitter follower (up to the first 100) I get, I send a box of led downrange. This week’s shooty is dedicated to InJennifersHead and p0kerryan. And what a shooty it was. For some reason the picture is washed out; sorry about that.

Your boxes were used to shoot the 700 Aggregate drill aka “The Humbler”. My average score lately has been about 410. But today, 498! After two weekends with Tom Givens and considerable reflection on my part, I think I have finally worked out my problems at 25 yards. My worst scoring stages were the Strong Hand Only and Other Strong Hand Only ones. If I can get those under control they could easily get me close to 600.

It didn’t take all 100 rounds to shoot the 700, so I used the rest to work on my shot from draw. Got it down to 1.7 seconds. That is out of my crossbreed IWB holster. If I sidestep and then draw and fire I was getting 2.08 seconds. Could be faster, but I’m pretty happy with that from a concealment IWB holster.

I still owe 2 more followers some rounds down range. Hopefully I’ll get those done this week.

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  • Jennifer  On November 21, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Awesome with the 498! Maybe I brought you some luck 😉
    Of course, you could’ve just bought a holster 😀

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