QOTD: Execution

“When you shoot someone who is fleeing, it’s not self-defense. It’s an execution.” — Stephen Carter

This quote comes from this article on the shooting deaths of 2 men by the resident of the house. The resident, Edmonds, claimed that the two were home invaders there to steal his medical marijuana and that he was defending himself. Edmonds version of the story was what the prosecutors went with. Renato, an accomplice who waited outside was charged with the deaths of his accomplices instead of Edmonds. That works because all the bad guys get charged with all the bad results in a crime.

The rub is that the two dead guys were shot in the back hence attorney Stephen Carter’s, quote about self-defense. According to news reports Renato was eventually acquitted of the murder charges, but the jury still thought they were there to rob the place and convicted him of that.

I bring all this up, because Stephen Carter is wrong, wrong, wrong. Bad guys who threaten you with lethal force have only these choices:

  1. They can surrender; lay down their arms and assume a submissive posture; or
  2. They can move to a spot where they can no longer be shot; or
  3. They can get shot.

What bad guys absolutely cannot be allowed to do is retreat, regroup, and rearm. Maybe those guys were fleeing the house and on their way to church, or maybe they were going outside to get Renato and his gat so he could join the fight. You never know with bad guys which is why once they present themselves as needing to be shot, you best get about that business.

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